Study Programme Experimental and Molecular Biology 

Specialization Molecular Biology and Genetics 

"Genes are to blame for everything" 

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Study Programme Experimental and Molecular Biology offers 6 specialisations. You choose the one that is most interesting to you when you submit your application. In application, you can indicate up to 3 preferred specialisations. One of these may be the Molecular Biology and Genetics specialisation.

The Molecular Biology and Genetics specialisation focuses on all types of living organisms - microbes, plants and animals, including humans. It provides a comprehensive undergraduate education in molecular biology and genetics and emphasizes the importance and potential of molecular biological approaches for contemporary biology and medicine.

What will you learn?

  • you will gain basic knowledge in the fields of genetics and molecular biology
  • you will learn about special genetic disciplines such as cytogenetics or quantitative genetics, complemented by detailed knowledge of molecular genetic methods
  • you will acquire information, skills and experience that will make you highly adaptable not only in different areas of biological research, but also in practical applications wherever you can apply molecular biological and genetic approaches
  • you will be able to carry out independent research and development activities in all areas of experimental biology, including leading research project teams

What courses await you?

The syllabus includes lectures in compulsory, recommended and elective courses covering all areas of molecular biology and genetics, in particular molecular biology of prokaryotes, eukaryotes and viruses, plant, animal and human genetics and genetic engineering. You will deepen your knowledge and skills in practical exercises where you will learn about the latest experimental approaches and methods.

Syllabus for Bachelor's degree study can be viewed here.

Where can you find a job? 

As graduates of the specialisation, you will find employment mainly at universities, in institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, in laboratories and workplaces of departmental research institutes, especially in the field of health care, veterinary medicine, agriculture and pharmacy. Furthermore, in environmental protection departments and in commercial diagnostic and forensic laboratories.

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In the Master's programme

then students can continue in the independent graduate programme in Molecular Biology and Genetics and can prepare their theses in one of the laboratories listed here.

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor's degree programme Experimental and Molecular Biology, specialisation Molecular Biology and Genetics?

The compulsory written examination is the same for all specialisations of the Bachelor's programme in Experimental and Molecular Biology and consists of two parts:

1. Tests of Study Prerequisites (TSP)
2. A written specialised test (ST) in biology with basic chemistry:

Further information about the admission procedure  can be found here.

Do you have any other questions?

Prof. Jiří Doškař, the guarantor of the study programme, will be happy to answer all your questions about the specialisation Molecular Biology and Genetics:

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