Laboratory of Cell Differentiation

Research laboratory at the Department of Experimental Biology at Masaryk University

We focus on cancer cells research using techniques of molecular and cellular biology

The laboratory was established in 1994 to investigate principles of cancer cell proliferation, differentiation, cell death and metastasis. As a model we use cancer cell lines of various origin, patient-derived organoids and in vivo mouse models. Using multiple techniques of molecular and cellular biology, we investigate function of specific genes and the role of tumor microenvironment in these processes. We are also interested in testing the tumor suppressing effects of various anti-cancer drugs.

The aim of our work is to perfom the basic experiments in tissue cultures, confirm their results in laboratory mice and to participate in clinical studies to provide benefits to cancer patients.

Research activities


prof. RNDr. Jan Šmarda, CSc.

Head of the laboratory

Phone: +420 549 49 1416

Organizational structure:
Masaryk UniversityFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Experimental BiologySection of Genetics and Molecular BiologyLaboratory of Cell Differentiation